Text Box: I’m having a big party, should I rent two Blizzard machines? (with one flavor)
We suggest that if you are having:
	100-149 people: We highly recommend getting two machines.
	150-200 people: Two machines is a must.

	Over 200 people: We highly recommend getting three machines.

	How long does it take for the machine to freeze the mix?

For the Blizzard- There are many variables that come to play. If the machine is outside and it’s a 			hot day, it will take longer to freeze the alcohol. We always recommend to turn it 			on at least an hour before the party is starting, to ensure the product will freeze. 
	Our Test- 
		Outside- In the summer with temperatures around 90 degrees it took 40 minutes to freeze 
		Inside- with temperatures around 70 degrees it took about 20 minutes

For the Snowball- This machine has to be indoors. If you are not using Alcohol- We recommend 			one hour before the party. If you are using Alcohol we recommend 2 hrs 
			before the party.

	Our Test- 
		Inside- with temperatures around 70 degrees.
			With Alcohol- 1 1/2 Hour
			With Out Alcohol– 25 Minutes

Do I Need A Table for the Machine?
Nope. The machine comes with a cart. We use a cover for the cart so it looks like its on a Table.

How long is a rental for?
All rentals have to be ready by 9:00 A.M. the next following day. We have to make sure we have enough time to clean the machines for the next rental for that day. In most cases we will pick up the machine at a later time (We will let you know 24 hours before your event). If you need us to pick up the machine earlier then 9:00 A.M. please lets us know.  

What is the earliest time you can deliver the machine?
We’d typically like to deliver after 9:00 A.M. If you need it at an earlier time we can typically work with you. Please call us if this is your situation. 

	Can you do a same day pick-up? 
Yes. If your party is in a hall you typically have to have all your equipment out by the end of the night. We only charge $15 for pick ups before 12:00 A.M.  After 12:00 A.M. there is a $5 extra charge.

	What is the latest time for a Same Day Pick-Up?
3:00 AM

	Do I need to clean the machine after the rental?
No. Part of our service is that we set up and clean up. We never charge extra for this like other rental companies. 	
	Can these machines be used outside?
Only the Blizzard.

	Can you carry the machine upstairs?
The Blizzard- No. We are unable to carry more than 3 steps . The machine weighs over 180 pounds. 
The Snowball– Yes Only If Someone Helps Us (They Need To Be Able To Carry Over 60 Pounds)

	What type of payments do you take and when do I pay?
We take cash, check, or all major credit cards. Payment is due at the time of rental. 	

	How Long does it take for you to set up the machine? 
Usually about 20 to 40 minutes. 

Once I turn on the machine, is there anything I have to do?
Yes, this is very important. Make sure you have a few drinks and have a good time at your party. The machine will operate itself. The only thing you might have to do is watch for the low lights indicator to add more mix.

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