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The BIG Difference  

We ONLY Use Premium Mixes
Other companies are trying to save money by using a cheap powder mix. The taste is not the same. We have looked hard for the best tasting not the best price 

Which would you rather have
Powder                  or                    Liquid  

We Bring Filtered Water 
Other companies use water from your sink or garden hose. 
Just like coffee and tea, the water you use can make 
plain coffee into extraordinary coffee.    

We Never Charge You For Mixes Not Used
Other companies charge you if you want extra mixes. We always leave as many extra mixes as you want and only charge if you open it. You will always know you have enough.

We Have New Professional Quality Machines 
Other companies try to save money by buying used machines that have been taken out of bankrupt restaurant or other rental companies. 
Restaurant machines have been used extensively.
You never know when they will stop working, it could be at your party!
All of our machines are bought new NEVER USED.

Custom Designed Signs 
Have a theme for your party? 
We provide custom-made signs for your party. 
No one else does this!

We Care About Your Party
We know your party is important to you and
we know it takes a lot of time and energy to plan for one.
We will make it as easy as possible for you.
We will spend as much time needed to help you set up,
while other companies just drop off and go. We will never do that!

We Use A Cloth To Cover The Cart.  
This makes the machine look like itís on a table, not a cart.
Other companies will charge you for this WE DONíT! 

Customer Support
We give you a number to call 24 hours a day when you are renting one of our Machines.
No matter how minor and major the question may be, we always welcome the call.

We Care About Our Customers.
You Will See and Taste The Difference.

Why Are We The Best?


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