Text Box: 	  Liquor Chiller
	               Serves Colder Than Ice 

  You Can Use Any 750ML. bottle of your choice.
             Grey Goose, Patron, Jagermeister…..

		   No Water Down Taste
	         Severs at a frosty 32 degrees.
            LED illumination highlights the bottle
                             Stainless Steel 

Only $19.99
 : Icy Cold(tm) Shot Chiller/DispenserText Box:             Kegerator 
            Don't Worry About Ice.

Comes With Co2 tank so there is No Pumping.
Keep the beer at a perfect 38 degrees for the 
whole party or weekend.
We will set it up for you. You just need the Keg

$75 for One Night 


$125 for a full weekend 
(Thursday to Monday)
Prices are base on a Machine Rental

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 Fiesta  Package


Wedding Package


Big Kahuna Package

Text Box: Benefits of Using Co2 

1. Keeps The Beer Colder
The Co2 is highly compressed. Once release from the container it is very cold. Using a Hand pump, you are pumping warn outside air in the keg. Having cold air in to the keg will keep your beer colder and fresher. This will also make the ice last longer.

2. Keeps The Beer Cleaner
Using a hand pump will pump in outside air in the keg which will be in the beer. If the air is contaminated by someone coughing or sneezing near the keg, it will be in everyone’s beer. Using Co2 you only be using purified air not outside air

3. The Beer Will Last longer
After pumping air in the beer, This will start ferment which will cause beer to lose its carbonation. You can start to notice that the beer has a flatter taste even after only a few hours. By using CO2 this will keep the carbonation in the beer which will keep your beer crisp and full flavored. Bars use CO2 to keep their beer fresh for over six months.
4. No Pumping
Many people tend to over pump the keg at parties which makes the beer really foamy. This also will make the beer lose its carbonation. Using Co2 you will always have to perfect amount of pressure to insure the perfect beer. 
Text Box: Co2 Dispenser
Single or Double

Comes with Co2

We Will Set It For Free
Only $39.99
Get 2 for $10 more