Text Box: If you are buying Rum or Vodka 
This type of Alcohol is very easy to produce because there is no aging process. 
You don't need to buy the most expensive but we also suggest not to buy the very cheapest.
There is a filtering process to remove some of the impurities
meaning a better taste and less of a hangover.  

If you are buying Tequila 
It might be worth paying a little bit more for a much better taste. We suggest 
-Any brand with Reposado (100% agave). This tequila has been age for about 6 mouths in white oak casks. 
-The Best is 100% Añejo. This Tequila is aged 1 to 3 years in white oak casks but it is pricy.

Having a Big Party?
If you’re having a big party (More than 150 people),
 you can save money by buying a case of alcohol 
A case of alcohol is six 1.75Lt. Bottles. Typically you can save about $10 to $20.

Houston Snowman Inside Tip!

	If you are buying a case of alcohol (which is six 1.75 liters bottles) you can negotiate with your local liquor store. 
Go to Specs (Click Here For Webpage) to find out how much a case of your alcohol costs. Then go to your local store and ask them if they can beat it (typically the owner will be there). Make sure you are polite about it.

Just simply say: “I found a case of_______ at Specs for $________ . Would you be able to beat this price?” If they say no, just walk away.

	Many people have told me how surprised they were that this has worked. You can save a lot of $$$ especially if you go back and forth between your local liquor stores. 
FYI Specs will not negotiate. This will only work with cases of alcohol, NOT individual bottles.

**Inside tip**
	Liquor stores get bonuses based on how much liquor they sell. The more a liquor company offers to your local liquor store, the more motivated they will be to negotiate.  Although you might save $$$$$, the store might get more money in return from the liquor company by selling these cases (that is your bargaining chip).
Text Box: Each 5 Gallon Mix
Makes 80 (8 ounce) drinks.
Text Box: Each 3 Gallon Mix- 
Makes 50 (8 ounce) drinks.

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